Communicate your story in the most engaging and effective way possible

Over the past 10 years, corporate video production has grown in popularity. What was once reserved for the world’s biggest brands is now available to companies of all sizes.

At 800 Kamerman, we have many years experience creating high quality corporate videos that deliver your marketing message and engage your audience.

Thanks to an ever growing client list, we have the experience necessary to create a corporate video that generates the intended results, all without breaking the bank.


It’s important to understand that no two corporate videos are created equal. And since no two clients are exactly the same, we create a unique plan based on the current needs of your company, your audience, and what you hope to accomplish.

While many corporate videos are promotional in nature, other types include:

  • Case study corporate videos
  • B2B corporate videos
  • Corporate event videos
  • Sales and marketing videos
  • Testimonials
  • Technical videos
  • Product demo video

Each type of corporate video requires a unique strategy.

For example, a case study corporate video is based largely on information from a third party, such as a client or vendor.

However, if you’re creating a technical video or product demo, everything can be shot in-house.

We have many years experience with each type of corporate video, allowing us to effectively see through your project from start to finish.


Go back in time 10 or 20 years (or even sooner) and corporate video production was nothing like what you see today.

Fortunately, thanks to advanced technology, the industry has changed for the better.

800 Kamerman is second to none in regards to technology, with access to:

  • 6k and 8k cameras
  • 3-D, 2-D & Motion graphics editing
  • Drones and helicopters / aerial videography
  • Image stabilizers
  • Ultra portable lighting
  • Supercomputers

When you add the above to our experience, knowledge, and unique style, you can be rest assured that your corporate video is exactly what you were hoping for – plus so much more.

If you’re seeking a powerful, beautiful, and informative corporate video, 800 Kamerman has you covered. All you have to do is contact us to put the wheels in motion!



800-Kamerman is a 20 time National Emmy award-winning video production company with over 30 years of experience producing compelling branded content, commercials, live events, features, corporate communications and educational videos for clients in Orange County, Hollywood and Los Angeles County.