If you have watched a movie, or you’ve seen the Academy Awards, chances are that you have wondered what the difference is between a director and a producer. Below we’ll take a look at the two titles and see what each of them does, since each plays a very important part.

What Does a Film Director Do?

Based on the DGA, directors contribute to all of the creative elements which relate to a movie’s creation and helps to mold and integrate them into an aesthetic and dramatic item. What does this mean in English? Below is a breakdown of the tasks of a director:

  • Helps with selecting the cast of the picture and other types of creative personnel
  • Approves the rights for third parties
  • Approves locations, scripts, shooting schedules, and set designs
  • Recommends changes to the script
  • Directs the movie
  • Helps with selecting second unit directors
  • Consults with second unit directors about shooting the photography for the second unit
  • Reviews the unedited footage, which are also called dailies
  • Supervises the fit cut of the editor
  • Instructs the editor to make necessary changes for director’s cut
  • Prepares directors cut
  • Consults throughout the post-production
  • Works on the film’s final version before the negatives are cut and dubbed
  • Directs the replacement of dialogue and narration
  • Participates when music and sound are spotted and dubbed
  • Participates when the MPAA rates it
  • Participates in previewing the film before its wide release
  • Consults on the DVD’s release content

Of course, a lot of the tasks are done when consulting with a variety of other people. A lot of times, producers and directors will share these types of tasks.

What Does a Film Producer do?

Based on the PGA, producers are the people who will bear the majority of responsibility of the production of a film. This means that they are going to have the authority when it comes to making decisions during a movie’s production. Below are the tasks of the producer:


  • Conceives the production’s premise
  • Chooses the writer
  • Secures the necessary financing and rights
  • Supervises the whole development process


  • Chooses the co-producer, director, production designer, cinematographer, and unit production manager
  • Chooses the principal cast
  • Participates in looking for a location
  • Approves the film’s final production schedule, budget, and shooting script


  • Supervises the daily operations of the film’s production team
  • Provides consultation on set with the film’s director and its other personnel in the creative process
  • Approves the cost reports of the film
  • Post-Production & Marketing
  • Consults with the director, composer, staff for visual effects and editor
  • Consults with financial and creative personnel
  • Participates in marketing the film and distributing it

The next time you watch a movie or you are watching the Academy Awards, think about all of the things that directors and producers do to bring you that movie you’re watching. There is a lot that goes into making a movie and bringing you the entertainment that you enjoy.

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