Orange County Explainer Video Production

You may have never heard of an explainer video, but it is very likely that you have seen one. These videos are usually short and based on the Internet. They are intended to explain a product, service or event. For the best results, these videos tend to be no more than a minute or two in length. This means that the video must be focused in order to communicate all necessary information in a short amount of time.

If you want to explain how to do something, a video can be a lot more effective than just your words. If you are wanting to add one of these videos to your website or to your social media pages, however, you are going to need a good video production firm like 800-Kamerman.

What’s an Explainer Video?

As a business owner or marketing professional, you’re always looking for new ways to connect with your audience.

An explainer video is a great place to start, as this allows you to quickly and efficiently tell your story to customers, prospects, and anyone else who is interested in learning more.

Where Did Explainer Videos Come From?

While explainer videos are extremely popular in today’s day and age, this hasn’t always been the case. As online marketing began to pick up steam in 2007, a growing number of people came to realize that an explainer video was the best way to reach their audience. What started as videos created for use on company websites soon turned to distribution via social media. From there, the rest is history!

The Benefits of an Explainer Video

It’s not always easy for a business to express their story, vision, and offerings. Fortunately, with the help of an explainer video, it’s possible to do all these things in a short period of time.

Here are some of the top benefits of an explainer video:

  • An effective, concise, and powerful way to reach your audience
  • Many people respond better to video, as opposed to the written word and/or graphics
  • Increased time on your company’s website
  • Boost in retention rate
  • Opportunity to harness both auditory and visual senses of your audience

Is it the Same as a Branded Video?

It’s easy to confuse an explainer video with a branded video, despite the fact that there are a variety of differences.

While a branded video is typically meant to sell a product or provide a tutorial, an explainer video is created with the idea of providing a clear idea of what a company does and how it’s different than the competition.

How to Get Started

By now, you understand two things:

  1. A growing number of companies are using explainer videos to their advantage
  2. There are many benefits of creating an explainer video

What you may not understand is how to get started.

While shooting an explainer video in-house is an option, it’s typically time consuming and costly for those who don’t know what they’re doing. Fortunately, there’s another option: you can hire a professional video production company to manage the process from start to finish.

At 800-Kamerman, we have many years experience creating explainer videos for clients in every industry imaginable. If you’re ready to take full advantage of the power of an explainer video, contact us for more information on our services and how to get started.


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