Do you like to take pictures? If you do, one of the things that you know is that you’re not alone. With so many people having smartphones and tablets that can take pictures, it seems like everyone has an aspiration to become a photographer. So how do you stand out from the crowd and make your pictures get noticed and stand out? Below are five tips that you can use to help your picture stand out from the crowd.

Be Unique

One thing that you know from surfing the Internet is there are a lot of people who do the same things. When you don’t have any originality, people are going to see something that everyone else has done. But if you want to get your pictures noticed, you have to do something new.
This is going to help you look different and get your pictures noticed.

Start Your Own Photography Blog

Whether you’re calling it a website, online magazine or a blog, when you have something on the Internet that is going to feature your photographs it’s going to be a great way that you could increase the chances of it being noticed. Your photography blog will allow your pictures to be seen by thousands, maybe even millions of people as time goes by.

The blog doesn’t even have to be a standalone and dedicated photography blog. A lot of times, a photographer will just have their blog as a part of their portfolio websites. He just wants to make sure you’re updating your blog on a regular basis and make sure that you have a lot of highly interesting and diverse pictures. It also is a good idea to throw in some tutorials that will offer your readers some actionable and practical advice on some of photography’s finer points.

Building your following of blog readers will take time and some regular effort, but nothing is going to beat having a regularly and widely read blog that people are always sharing.

Have Your Photographs Published

When you have pictures actually published, it’s another great way that you can get your pictures noticed. Something that a lot of people who take pictures strive for is to have their picture is published in a magazine or newspaper, either in print or online, since this can really help your career.

One of the best ways that you can do this and get started is to talk with the editors of your local magazines and newspapers. They’re always going to need some pictures for the stories that they are running, and one of the big bonuses is that you’re even often able to earn money from the work along with getting exposure. You can either email them after you find their publications posted online or you could simply call them.

It’s pretty easy to get press passes for local events, and that’s another place that you can start as well. Taking some pictures of an event locally will give you a lot of pictures you’re able to take to publications in your area.

Get Active on Sites That Host Photos

These types of sites are distinct from the social media sites such as Pinterest and Twitter. These type of sites are those such as SmugMug, 500px and Flickr. These kinds of sites can work just like the website that you have for your photography portfolio, and they are a lot cheaper to use. In fact, they are free.

One of the only things that you have to be concerned about when it comes to these types of sites is being proficient when using meta-data, and this is what you’re going to use for tagging images. This is the way people can find your pictures right away if they’re searching for them on a search engine such as Google. If they like your work a lot, they might click on your profile and go to your website to see what else you have posted.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is something that a lot of people use since they’re looking to share their updates about the things that are most relevant happening to them right now. They only have a limited amount of time, so you would be crazy not to use the social media such as Google plus, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter for getting your pictures noticed. Another great social media site is Instagram for your pictures.

How do you choose a social media site for posting your pictures? The best way that you can do is find out where most of your friends are spending their social media time. People who know you and that you’re friends with will share the pictures that you post with their networks. A lot of photographers have been noticed and had success doing this.

One of the biggest keys though is to make sure you’re doing two things when it comes to social media. The first thing you want to do is post, obviously. The second thing you want to do is make sure you’re posting often and sharing your pictures regularly, but only the ones that are the most unique, interesting and creative pictures. This is going to help you with standing out from the other photographers that are doing the same thing.
These are the five tips that you can use to help you stand out from all the other photographers that are online. Keep in mind that it’s not going to happen overnight. But with a lot of dedication and perseverance, you can have a good following and you will notice that your pictures are getting noticed by other people.

Just make sure that you were doing things that other people aren’t doing with your pictures. This, more than anything, is going to help you get noticed because you are being unique and thinking outside the box. This is essential to being a successful photographer.