A new technology that a lot of people have heard of is 3D scanning. But a lot of people don’t know what 3D scanning is. 3D scanning’s a non-destructive, non-contact way that you are able to capture a physical object’s 3D digital copy. Each of the scans will produce many points so that a data cloud point’s created. Then the polygon surface’s created from those points so that the meshed surface is created. The 3D scanners are wonderful at capturing a free-form shape accurately and quickly.

Using a 3D scanner can give assistance with:

  • Creating CAD data
  • Comparing parts
  • Analyzing competition
  • Making parts fit much better
  • Recreating broken, worn out or working parts

This will help with:

  • Cutting costs
  • Getting your products to the market and beating the competition
  • Increasing the efficiency of manufacturing
  • Improving the quality of products
  • Shortening the production cycles

How the Technology of 3D Scanning Will Work

Scan Acquisition

When you project a light pattern onto something and use two separate cameras and put them at various angles for viewing the subject, the Blue or White Scanner will record literally millions of data points in 3D space. Then these points are used for creating polygons, which creates the surface mesh. Based on the object’s size that you are scanning, the scanner/part can be turned manually for taking multiple scan or an automatic rotating table’s going to turn the object.

Alignment & Combining

After the scans are captured, the software’s going to look for similar geometry and shapes for aligning the scans and then combining them into one object so that you have a view that’s 360 degrees. Duplicate or overlapping data then is able to be deleted so that you have a total meshed surface you can view from any angle or side.

Scan Applications

Once your scan’s complete and it’s been exported into a specific file format, you can use it in different packages of software to create things like CAD models used in reverse engineering.

Now you have some basic idea of what 3D scanning is and what it can do for you. 3D scanning is a technology that could only be dreamed of years ago, and these days it’s a helpful technology that can make things a lot easier in business. Think about the things that 3D scanning can do for you and for your business. The possibilities are incredible!